CO., LTD. Will release LAN Packet Tester “LE-580FX”. In TAP mode, you can monitor full-duplex data on 10/100Base-TX Network via USB port. In Packet Generator(PG) mode, you can generate traffic max. At 100Mbps line-speed.

1. Outline

Previously when analyzing full-duplex packets between Network devices, it was common to use PC based Network analysis software with a LAN TAP or to use a HUB with a mirror port. However, the PC needed 2 LAN ports & some complicated settings. In addition not many people had tested their devices in a high traffic network environment because of its cost. Nowadays embedded devices for use in a network are in high demand. To tư vấn them there should be available a LAN analysis tool that is easy khổng lồ connect khổng lồ a PC, và available for a reasonable price. is pleased to announce a LAN Packet Tester “LE-580FX” for analysis of 10/100 Base-TX Networks that is connected khổng lồ a PC via USB2.0. The LE-580FX has two modes; 1. Measurement in TAP/PG mode based on FPGA. 2. Windows software mode which displays on a PC the captured data measured in the Measurement mode.In TAP mode LE-580FX captures full-duplex data from 2 LAN ports and outputs it via a USB2.0 port. It also filters specific protocol & data, adds a time stamp using a hardware timer, và can be used with LAN analysis software such as “Ethereal”.In PG mode: LE-580FX generates demo packets at the specified speed from PortA or PortB. You are able to lớn determine the packet capacity of your Network devices và how they work in high traffic conditions. Chạy thử packets are generated in the FPGA, so it is not affected by the performance of the PC. (max. 100Mbps line-speed). PortA and PortB work individually lớn generate packets and to receive packets. You can demo your devices with the LE-580FX lớn determine the delay time and packet loss. Kiểm tra data can be mix between 2 to lớn 7 layers, & CRC and alignment errors can be added. With QoS test, you can find out the basic QoS information such as packet loss and latency time by outputting up khổng lồ 8 demo packet lines. (VLAN supported)In summary, the LE-580FX is the best value for network testing and other efficiency tests because it is compact, comprehensive, lightweight & easy to lớn use with any PC.

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2. Feature

TAP mode: Capture full-duplex packet on the Ethernet into the PC via USB2.0 port. Capture the specific packets by Real Time Filter. Time stamp(min.1us) Able to lớn analyze the captured data by LAN analyzer software.
PG mode: Generate max. 128 frame from 1 port.(max.100Mbps) support long frame until 2Kbyte. Transmit 2 to 7 layer packet and captured data. Add CRC error, Alignment error, IP check sum error.
Others: USB Bus power- no battery, no adaptor needed. Light weight-210g

3. Specification


Measurement port: Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX port (RJ-45)
PC connection port: USB2.0 High Speed
Max. Speed: 100Mbps (when using 100Base-TX)
LED: Display for power nguồn on/off, TAP/PG, Link/Tx of Port A, Rx/Err of Port A, Link/Tx of Port B, Rx/Err of Port B
Time Stamp: min. 1us
TAP mode: Capture full-duplex packet(max. 500,000packets). Filter specific data. Display captured packets. Save automatically into the file. Convert data into Ethereal format & save automatically. Export into excel file. Display the numbers of received packets, errors và traffic etc at real time.
PG mode: Generate packet max. At 100Mbps. Adjust output rate. Transmit max. 128 frames from 1port. Phối period of time for transmitting packets continuously. Transmit 2 to lớn 7 layer. địa chỉ cửa hàng CRC/Alignment errors etc. Able to lớn use the captured packets as transmission packets.

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NIC mode: Use Port A or Port B as NIC(Network Interface Card)
QoS test: Transmit demo packets-Adjust đầu ra rate. Set the parameter & transmit 8 frame line (VLAN supported). Receive thử nghiệm packet- Display the line rate, frame loss rate và latency time. Change the chart
Temperature: 0~40°C(operation) -10~50°C(storage) Humidity: below 85%RH (no condensation)
Power: USB bus nguồn (max.3W)
Dimension & Weight: 95(W)×77(D)×20(H)mm. 210g
Environment: PC-PC/AT compatible that has USB2.0 port. Pentium4 1.6GHz or more. Memory 256MB or more. OS:Windows 2000/XP
Accessories: Analyzer, Utility CD, USB cable, manual, warranty.

4. Contact