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Trong giờ Anh, có không ít phân từ thừa khứ và lúc này của một từ có thể được cần sử dụng như các tính từ. Những ví dụ này có thể chỉ ra những tính tự sử dụng.

Vertical integration và contracting began in the broiler industry23 and increased specialization and scale of agricultural production of livestock1.
This difference reflects the purposeful selection of producers by the organic contracting company, especially during the introduction of organic agriculture lớn the region.
This will satisfy the condition for a resolution, except in low dimensions, because the contracting homotopies will map each subgroup in the next one up.
We expect there will be less corruption in public works contracting in areas where the judicial branch is more efficient & where wealth is higher.
Contracting requires assets that are specific khổng lồ the commodity produced on both sides of the transaction (producers & contractors).
Interestingly, the net effect is that firm profits are higher in the incomplete contracting case than in the complete contracting case.
We have defined the simple complex of a k-iterated complex by contracting all the degrees into one degree.
The social care case studies covered contracting for domiciliary care, day care, respite & residential care, and an emergency alarm scheme.
Instead, distinct contracting cultures were simultaneously shaping over time the social care industry, the precise hàng hóa provided, and local authority contracting behaviour.
The immediate impact was the curbing of imports (especially oil), with a contracting effect on the economy.
Rather, the process involved repeated contracting between the same parties in conditions of severely incomplete information.
However, local authority funded domiciliary care has grown, particularly by contracting out services lớn independent sector providers, many of whom are new lớn social care.
The elderly have a lower risk of contracting gastroenteritis, possibly due lớn conservative và safe food habits.
Examples of such patterns are the economic justifications for the contracting out of public services or the political background behind a particular piece of legislation.
Twenty-one outbreaks occurred in establishments, such as boarding schools và holiday homes, where the individuals contracting the disease were not permanent residents.
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