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Anger Of Stick 5 Apk
4.2 và up
31.7 MB
Unlimited Money
February 15, 2022 (7 months ago)

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There are millions & millions of games made every year with different & interesting storylines. Today, we’re going lớn talk about a game that has a very thrilling & exciting storyline that has made people from all over the khổng lồ fall in love with their game.

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The trò chơi has millions of downloads và has a very amazing rating which makes it seem lượt thích it has been loved by people. The game is called ‘anger of stick 5 mod apk’ that has been developed by J.Park. This amazing trò chơi is a battle between heroes & zombies.

There are blood thirsty zombies in your city & only you and your team can save your city. There are blood thirsty zombies everywhere who are turning humans into zombies và making the humans disappear from the world. Users get to lớn defeat the zombies with different equipments lượt thích guns và swords that will help them win.

The game has some very realistic actions và movements which is quite great. One must download it for an amazing, thrilling experience.

The details of the trò chơi are mentioned down below.

Anger Of Stick 5 Mod android Unlimited Money and Diamond

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(Latest Version v1.1.8)

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Pros & cons


Free of cost:

This tiện ích is completely miễn phí of cost. Users get to lớn enjoy it without paying a single penny.

File size:

The file form size of this ứng dụng is small, so it won’t hang one’s phone or use much storage space.


This tiện ích is completely safe. Users don’t have to lớn worry about any virus entering there device. Your device will be 100% protected.

Easy to lớn use:

The game has very easy controls making it easier for everyone khổng lồ play this game.

No ads:

There are no ads involved in the game which is a great plus point since ads irritate most of the users.

Millions of downloads:

This trò chơi has been downloaded by millions of users out there.

No ads:

The best part about the game is that there are no ads in it which makes it seem even more amazing since ads can be a headache for all of us.


Highly addictive:

Since it is a very interesting building game, users can get addicted lớn it which can be harmful.



The trò chơi has a very interesting storyline line with a battles between heroes & zombies. The user needs to lớn save the thành phố where zombies are using humans as instrumental tools. They’re turning humans into zombies. You and your team will have lớn save your city.


The graphics of this game are extremely amazing. They are clear và simple making it easier for the users lớn play this game.

Unlock able colleagues:

Moreover, the trò chơi includes 6+ unlock able colleagues for the users khổng lồ play with and have amazing time.


The game has lots và lots of equipments like 125 guns và many swords so that users can enjoy và win the game easily.

Concepts of physics:

Isn’t physics a boring subject? Well, this trò chơi has made it very interesting since the game play is based on the concepts of physics. How amazing & interesting does that sound?

Build team:

Moreover, users also get an amazing chance khổng lồ build their own team khổng lồ kill zombies.

Each character is unique:

Every character in the trò chơi is unique. It has its own strengths and abilities that make them different from each other. Users must choose their characters wisely và think of a good strategy in order to lớn save their city,


Moreover, users get to lớn prepare themselves in single player mode where they can practice for bigger team battles và save their city.

Gaming Modes:

The trò chơi includes 2 different gaming modes with lots và lots of opportunities & making the game even more interesting.


New/Mod features

Unlimited amount of money:

Users get an unlimited amount of money in the thủ thuật version of the game making it possible for users khổng lồ buy whatever equipments they want without any worries.

Technical errors:

All the technical errors users were facing in the trò chơi have now been solved.

How khổng lồ install?

In order to download this ứng dụng all you have to bởi vì is follow a few steps.

First, go to lớn the settings of your phone and enable unknown sources. Now, go to lớn the liên kết provided và click on it lớn start downloading. When you find it, click on it khổng lồ start the installation. When the tiện ích is installed, you will see the ứng dụng icon on your trang chủ screen. Xuất hiện it và start having an amazing time building your very own airport!


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Q. What is the file size of this app?

The file kích cỡ of this game is 31.7Mb.

Q. Who is the developer of this app?

This trò chơi has been developed by J park.

Q. What is the age limit for this game?

Since it is a shooting game, the age limit for this game is 14+ and parental guidance is advised,

Q. Is it safe to download this app?

It is completely safe to tải về this app. You will receive no security warning when downloading it. You don’t have to worry about any viruses or anyone hacking your phone.

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Q. Is this ứng dụng available on the google play store?

No. This tiện ích is not available on the google play store since it doesn’t tư vấn apk versions.