Just a few years ago the Air was the hottest, slimmest laptop in the world. Then every Windows manufacturer ripped off its design & Apple came up with the even more desirable MacBook.

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So is the Air soon destined for tech’s retirement hall of fame? Cursed to sit in a glass cabinet alongside the Palm Pre và Nintendo’s Wii U. Having tried its latest 2016 update, we don’t reckon so.

While this máy vi tính no longer represents the cutting edge of computing, it still trumps a great swathe of its Microsoft-supported competition. Combining decent value, fantastic portability và great battery life, the Air remains a pleasure to lớn work with on a day-to-day basis. Its star power may have faded slightly, but that doesn’t make it less praiseworthy in practice.

Apple hasn’t changed the outer design at all for the năm nhâm thìn MacBook Air. It hasn’t needed lớn because it got some of the basics so right khổng lồ begin with. As ever, it has an aluminium shell made of just a few parts, giving the impression the pragamisiones.com might grow on trees in this exact shape. It’s just 17mm thick & its 13in edition weighs only 1.35kg, giving the Air enough of a kích thước and weight edge over a laptop macbook Pro to lớn lure-in those after as portable a máy tính as possible.

We walked around with the 13-inch laptop macbook Air packed in a rucksack on several occasions, and found it just doesn’t give you knots you’ll need a massage lớn squeeze out, unlike a classic workhorse Dell Inspiron (for example). This is nothing new, of course, but is a bit of a revelation for people still lugging around 3kg beasts. Và its frame is big enough to feel like a ‘proper’ laptop, unlike the 11-inch laptop macbook Air, which is that bit too small.

It’s a great-looking máy vi tính as well, although there are a few little areas where the laptop macbook Air looks a bit old hat next lớn the new-design MacBook and even the laptop apple macbook Pro. For example, the screen has a raised bezel where Apple’s other laptops have fully flat screens that look and feel that bit flashier. There’s a tiny raised rubber surround to stop the lid and keyboard surround from marking or scratching each other too. It’s practical but, again, visually marks the 2016 MacBook Air as behind the times.

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Apple is scraping by for yet another year with what is the same laptop macbook Air design as before, only with 8GB RAM as standard. If you were waiting for the Retina laptop apple macbook Air, this is not it.

The screen công nghệ looks seriously dated at this point, especially when apple packs such fantastic displays into its other laptop macbook ranges, so make sure searingly sharp images aren’t too high on your priority danh sách before buying. However, if a portable road warrior is what you’re after, this is still a great choice.

Yes, the new laptop macbook is slimmer & lighter, but the Air remains pretty skinny, offers superb stamina & has enough power for some pretty serious on-the-go duties.

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Buy the táo khuyết MacBook Air 13in (2016) here

Tech specs

Screen13in TN LCD with 1440×900 resolution
CPU1.6GHz Intel core i5
GPUIntel HD 6000
Storage128/256 GB SSD
Connectivity802.11ac, USB 3.0 (x2), Thunderbolt 2.0, SD
Dimensions32.5 x 22.7 x 1.7cm

The thiết kế is fraying around the edges, but this is still one of the most practical sub-£1000 portable laptops.