Microsoft Windows OS includes a console of various tools which is used for managing và maintenance functions. The console is called Microsoft Management Console (MMC), which hosts & displays administrative tools created by Microsoft và other software providers for Windows. These tools are called snap-ins, and they are used for managing the hardware, software, & network components of Windows.

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Click on the tệp tin menu, and then click on Add/Remove Snap-in to xuất hiện the selector.Then select the snapins & click on the địa chỉ cửa hàng button.Next, click on the Advanced section where it allows you to lớn set parent snap-in, i.e., the one that remains on the đứng đầu of the list.Click OK, and then make sure lớn save this on the computer.This arrangement will allow you to access a phối of tools you often use quickly. While it sounds IT pro, even pro consumers can use this khổng lồ quickly launch and use tools like Group Policy, Performance, & other tools.One of the biggest advantages of using this is that you can access the features of the included tools right inside it. For example, when I clicked on Disk Management, it did not launch it in a separate window but launched it within the window.MMC is an excellent tool khổng lồ manage your Microsoft Windows operating system’s hardware, software, và network components. You can create these custom snap-ins and then distribute them, among others, so they can also directly access them.Helpful reads:Cannot Load Management Console in Windows.Microsoft Management Console (MMC.exe) has stopped working.


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