Important Note: Google Play Gift thẻ (US) sold by is a region locked product. It"s only valid for Google Play trương mục registered in the region of UNITED STATES. All purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE và NON-RETURNABLE.

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About Google Play Gift Card

Google Play Gift card is the prepaid vị trí cao nhất up card for Google Play Balance. It can be redeemed & used just like cash to pay for thousands of books, songs, movies, apps, magazines and many more on Google Play store.

Why use Google Play Gift Card?

Google Play Gift Cards come in several dollar amounts that can be used for the entire Google Play store. You can use these cards lớn buy multiple products as well as for making in-app purchases.

These cards can be acquired almost instantly via email delivery & thus, you don’t even need a physical card. All you need to bởi to use the thẻ is khổng lồ enter a simple code.

Google Play Gift Cards are also awesome as a gift for friends and family. Just use the e-mail delivery function khổng lồ send the gift thẻ code to lớn any e-mail address and you’re good lớn go. Gift giving will not get easier than this!

What can you buy with a Google Play Gift Card?

If you’ve heard of Google, then you most probably know that Google is a very successful company that provides a large variety of services & products globally. A Google Play Gift card allows you to buy Google Play Store nội dung such as music, movies, audiobooks, games, apps và software anytime from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re using an app android smartphone, tablet or computer, your purchases can be shared across all of your devices so you will be able to use your purchases no matter which device you are on.

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Google Play Gift card US only valid for account registered in United States, the account"s default language as English, và product currency cảnh báo is US Dollar($)

Google trương mục registration, Google trò chơi account/application registration, và IP ADDRESS of redemption MUST be done in the United States.Due to the region lock & strict policy, Google will detect tài khoản registration, tài khoản setting, trò chơi account/application, và the IP address during the redemption.Google will prompt an error message lớn the user if the code redemption is done outside of the United States region.Users are unable khổng lồ purchase any in-game tòa tháp even though the redemption is successful if the game account registration is done outside of the United States region.