HTML>a:linkcolor:blacka:visitedcolor: blackbodymargin: 40px 60px 40px 40px;Ngo Bao Chau Ng� B�o Ch�u Francis and Rose Yuen Distinguished Service Professor Department of Mathematics5734 University Avenue Chicago, IL 60637-1514, USA Office: Eckhart 303 Email: ngo
uchicago.eduPhone: +1 773-702-7385 Preprints Hankel transform, Langlands functoriality and functional equation of automorphic L-functions <takagi.pdf>On the Hitchin morphism for higher dimensional varieties, joint work with T.H. Chen <Chen-Ngo.pdf> Weierstrass preparation theorem and singularities in the space of non-degenerate arcs, <Weierstrass.pdf>Recent publications Perverse sheaves and fundamental lemmas, published in the Proceedings of the PCMI 201 <PCMI.pdf> On a conjecture of Braverman anh Kazhdan, with S. Cheng , published in IRMN<BKGLn.pdf> On the formal arc space of a reductive monoid, with A. Bouthier and Y. Sakellaridis <BNY.pdf> Average size of 2-Selmer groups of elliptic curves over function fields, with Le Hung and Ho Phu Quoc <bcq.pdf> On a certain sum of L-functions <PS.pdf>Geometrization of the trace formula, with E. Frenkel<geom.pdf>Formule des traces et fonctorialit�: le d�but d"un programme, with Frenkel and Langlands<quebec.pdf> Kloosterman sheaves for reductive groups, with J. Heinloth and Z. Yun <Kloosterman.pdf> Endoscopy theory of automorphic forms, ICM 2010 report<ICM.pdf>Le lemme fondamental pour les alg�bres de Lie <LF.pdf> moreSelected presentationsLeonardo Da Vinci Lecture 2013 :&nbsp; Arithmetic of certain integrable systems <Milan.pdf>ICM in Hyderabad 2010 : Endoscopy theory of automorphic forms <ICM2010-talk.pdf>Teaching 2016: Representation theory of p-adic reductive groups <notes> 2015: Elementary Number Theory 2015: Introduction to Drinfeld"s shtuka 2014: Geometry of the Hitchin fibration 2013: Algebraic Number Theory 2012: Algebraic Number Theory 2011: Automorphic forms on GL(2) PhD students Alexis Bouthier graduated in 2014 in Orsay, now is a Ma�tre de Conf�rence inUniversit� de Pierre et Marie Curie. This is a paperextracted from his PhD thesis prepared under the co-supervision of G. Laumon and me.With Sakellaridis, we worked out a geometric interpretation of the basic function of thelocal factor of automorphic L-function <BNY.pdf>. Shuyang Cheng graduated in 2016 in Chicago, now is a postdoc in the University of Michgan at Ann Arbor. This is apaper extracted from his PhD thesis. We also worked together on a conjecture of Braverman and Kazhdan on gamma sheaves over finite reductive groups <BK.pdf>. H� Ph� Qu�c graduated in 2017, now is a postdoc in IST Vienna. In this paper, he proved a theorem of stability on cohomology of configuration spaces for smooth irreducible algebraic varieties. With L� H�ng Vi�t B�o, we worked out a version of the Bhargava-Shankar theorem for function fields <bcq.pdf>. Daniel Johnstone graduated in 2017, now is a postdoc in the University of Minnesota. He works on the generalization of the Gelfand-Graev character formula . Jingren Chi graduated in 2018. His thesis can be found here. Ph�m Ng�c Ho�ng Minh Tr�nh Minh T�m Xiao Wang Kostas Psaromiligkos Aaron Slipper Thomas Hameister Editorial board Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften Compositio Mathematica Acta Mathematica Vietnamica Vietnam Journal of MathematicsVitae updated on May 25, 2018