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Position one: The safe lane carry

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While Dota 2’s official roles cite almost half the hero roster as a “carry,” the word holds a different meaning when referred khổng lồ in the context of positions one khổng lồ five. The safe lane carry or position one tends to sacrifice early-game prowess for late-game might & thus receives the most farm priority lớn speed up their cống phẩm timings.

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Most carries in the game are agility-based, like Juggernaut and Anti-Mage, since it’s the best physical damage scaling stat, providing both damage và attack speed. Strength heroes in this role, such as Lifestealer and Wraith King, generally trade some late-game potency for an earlier power nguồn peak và also function as robust frontliners.

When they finish farming, however, hard carries become wrecking balls that are difficult to lớn stop. Between their high damage output và ability to lớn take on multiple heroes at once, they can take over games on their own whenever they have a sizeable level and net worth advantage.

Position two: Solo mid

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Arguably Dota 2’s most popular role, solo mid has always been associated with players who have a high cấp độ of game sense and mechanical skill. As the second position from the top, solo mids enjoy high farm priority and solo experience. While safe lane carries usually require many items lớn reach their potential, mid heroes often reach a nguồn spike with one or two items that allows them khổng lồ exert undue influence on the game.

Position three: Off laner

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Once known as the suicide lane, the off laner’s role has transformed drastically in recent years from its historical duty as a solo laner left out khổng lồ dry. It’s perhaps one of Dota 2’s most underappreciated jobs because its identity is one of the murkiest. Due lớn the position’s inherent demand for utilitarianism, a wide variety of heroes from all sorts of attributes & roles can ply their trade here, trying to lớn do & buy whatever your team needs the most.

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Most off lane heroes tend lớn have high staying power nguồn in the lane or an escape skill to lớn quickly get out of dodge. They seek to disrupt và wreak havoc throughout the game và are often judged by their ability lớn slow down the enemy carries rather than their own stats.