Đề cương cứng ôn thi học tập kì 1 giờ đồng hồ Anh 12 năm 2021 - 2022 là tài liệu rất có lợi mà pragamisiones.com muốn trình làng đến quý thầy cô cùng chúng ta học sinh lớp 12 tham khảo.

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Đề cương cứng ôn tập học kì 1 lớp 12 môn Anh 12 năm 2021

I. Găng

1, A.production B. Satisfy C. Mistaken D. However

2.A. Interesting B. Surprising C. Amusing D. Succeeding

3.A. Pollution B. Fertilize C. Recycle D. Enviroment

4. A. Chemical B. Delicate C. Dependent D. Company

5. A. Scholarship B. Chemistry C. Attractive D. Continent

6.A. Discover B. Londoner C. Interesting D. Scientist

7.A. Economic B. Revolution C. Reservation D. Possible

8.A. Assignment B. Reasonable C. Acceptable D. Election

9.A. Atmosphere B. Emission C. Combining D. Pollution

10.A. Influence B. National C. Popular D. Conservation


1. A.failed B. Reached C. Absorbed D. Solved

2. A. Invited B. Attended C. Celebrated D. Displayed

3. A. Removed B. Washed C. Hoped D. Missed

4. A. Looked B. Laughed C. Moved D. Stepped

5. A. Wanted B. Parked C. Stopped D. Watched

6, A. Laughed B. Passed C. Suggested D. Placed

7. A. Believed B. Prepared C. Involved D. Liked

8. A. Lifted B. Lasted C. Happened D. Decided

9. A. Collected B. Changed C. Formed D. Viewed

10. A. Walked B. Entertained C. Reached D. Looked


1. My mother is a _______woman. She does all the household chores lớn make us more comfortable.

A. Caring B. CarelessC. HarmfulD. Boring

2. Whenever problems come up, we discuss frankly và find _______quickly.

A. Solve B. Solution C. Solved D. Lớn solve

3. My family is the base from which we can go into the world with _______.

A. Confide B. Confidence C. ConfidentD. Confiding

4. I like doing _______such as cooking, washing và cleaning the house.

A. House-keeper B. Trắng houseC. Lord of house D. Household chores

5. My father is a _______He often does researches with animals và plants.

A. Botanist B. Biologist C. Chemist D. Mathematician

6. In my family, both my parents _______to give us a nice house and a happy home.

A. Join handsB. Get outC. Shake hands D. Clutch hands

7. Americans believe in _________ marriage whereas the Asians have to suffer _________ one.

A. The Chinese / ItalianB. Roman / the Great Wall C. Thắm thiết / contractual D. Contractual / romantic

8. People from different cultures have different_________ of love and _________.

A. Ideas / marry B. Thoughts / marriage C. Speech / divorceD. Story / wedding

9. Many Indian students agree that a woman has to _________ more in a marriage than a man.

A. SuicideB. Sacrifice C. Die D. Be dead

10. Many Americans pay much attention to lớn physical _________ when choosing a wife or a husband.

A. Attraction B. Spirits C. Interests D. Attractiveness

11. In America, it is _________ lớn ask questions about age, marriage and income.

A. Polite B. Impolite C. EnthusiasticD. Excited

12. In Vietnam, two or more _________ may live in a home.

A. GenerationsB. GenerousC. GenerationD. Generators

13. In Vietnam, the bride & the groom often wear _________costumes on their wedding day.

A. Traditional B. Plastic C. Paper- D. Leaf-

14. Someone says that a happy _________ should be based on love.

A. Marriage B. Merry C. MarryD. Marital

15. I haven’t seen such a_________ scene on any other films at all. I lượt thích it very much.

A. ImitateB. RatC. FakeD. Romantic

16. Someone believes that happiness is based on _________, love, good health & people’s approvals.

A. Money B. Sadness C. Sorrow D. Death

17. We can use _________ and _________ forms of communication khổng lồ attract one’s attention.

A. Silence / noiseB. Verbal / non-verbalC. Verb / adverb D. Gentle / impolite

18. Probably the most common ways of attracting someone’s attention is by _________.

A. Dancing B. Singing C. Yelling D. Waving

19. We might raise our hand và wave to our friend as a _________ that we see her or him.

A. Signature B. Sign C. Signal D. Sigh

20. There are some social _________ where smaller, non-verbal signals are more appropriate.

A. Situations B. SignaturesC. Attractions D. Documents

21. Whistling & _________ in a restaurant is considered khổng lồ be impolite và even rude.

A. Talking B. Clapping handsC. Smiling D. Sighing

22. In some special social situations, pointing at someone is completely_________.

A. Lovely B. Acceptable C. GentleD. Formal

23. In some social situations, _________ is allowed to friends.

A. Fighting seriously B. RudenessC. AccurateD. Informality

24. Raising hand & waving are of the _________ size of communication.

A. UncountableB. CountableC. Non-verbalD. Verbal

25. A(n) _________ length of time is the main problem for our trip.

A. Reasonable B. Reason C. Excellent D. Old fashioned

26. There are two _______ school systems in England; i. E. , state school system & public school ones.

A. Parallel B. Paragraph C. Paradise D. Pyramid

27. State school system in England is _______ for all students & _______ by the state.

A. Không lấy phí / paysB. Không tính tiền / paid C. Fee-paying / paid D. Fee-paid / pays

28. The National _______ is phối by the Government và must be followed by in all state schools.

A. StadiumB. Curriculum C. Gallery D. Circus

29. In English schools, English, Math và Science are_______ subjects.

A. MoreB. Store C. ScoreD. Core

30. Core subjects in Vietnamese schools_______ of Math, Literature & English.

A. Makes for B. Makes ofC. Are made upD. Will make by

31. In Vietnam, schooling is _______ for all children from the age of three khổng lồ five.

A. Optional B. Obliged C. Compulsory D. Compulsive

32. In Vietnam, _______ lasts five years from grade one khổng lồ grade five.

A. Senior High SchoolB. Secondary EducationC. Pre-school D. Primary Education

33. Nowadays, Vietnamese students have khổng lồ study more _______ than those of twenty years ago to keep pace with the developments of modern society.

A. Substitute B. Subjects C. Subways D. Subjunctives

34. Schools in which all students can attend without paying tuition _______ are public schools.

A. Fees B. Charge C. Payment D. Bill

35. Fee-paying schools are often called "independent schools", "private schools" or “_______ schools"

A. College B. PrimaryC. Secondary D. Public

36. In the UK, _______ schools refer to lớn government-funded schools which provide education không tính tiền of charge khổng lồ pupils.

A. State B. Secondary C. Independent D. Primary

37. Nobody seemed to be interested in the news. It was greeted with a lack of _______.

A. EnthusiasticB. Enthusiasm C. EnthusiasticallyD. Enthusiast

38. I don"t like_______ jobs. In fact, I never want khổng lồ work under high pressure.

A. StressB. Stressed C. StressingD. Stressful

39. Doctors have lớn assume _______ for human life.

A. Responsible B. Responsibly C. Responsibility D. Responses

40. She likes meeting people và traveling so she wants khổng lồ apply for a _______ of a receptionist or tourist guide.

A. LocationB. Position C. SiteD. Word

41. A skilled _______ will help candidates feel relaxed.

A. Interview B. InterviewingC. Interviewee D. Interviewer

42. The company employs a _______ of nearly 5000.

A. Workload B. Workman C. Workforce D. Workout

43. Job ________are advertised in Situation Vacant.

A. Places B. PositionsC. SeatsD. Vacancies

44. I didn"t think his comments were very appropriate at the time.

A. CorrectB. Right C. Exact D. Suitable

45. In Vietnam, children from the age of six must go lớn school.

A. Compulsory B. OptionalC. Choosing D. Volunteered

46. In a school year in Vietnam, there are two terms called the first term & the second term.

A. Infants B. Semester C. SemestersD. System

47. In England, schooling is compulsory for all children from the age of 5 to 16.

A. Put into blushB. Put on clothesC. Put into forceD. Taken off

48. You may jot down your qualifications và experience.

A. Mention B. Lưu ý downC. Type D. Find out

49. When being interviewed, you should concentrate on what the interviewer is saying or asking you.

A. Be related toB. Be interested in C. Pay all attention to D. Express interest to

50. To prepare for your job interview, you should jot down your qualifications and experience as well as some important information about yourself.

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A. Draw B. Place C. Put D. Write