It"s Lenovo"s most beloved business laptop: the X1 Carbon. The fourth-generation mã sản phẩm has been released, and it"s as beautiful as ever, bringing the best aspects of the X1 Carbon line & refining them with updated hardware, a lighter weight, & a thinner body. Lenovo boasts the laptop as being "Ultrathin, Ultralight, Ultratough." With a price that can vị trí cao nhất a couple of grand, it"s also pretty expensive. Is the latest Lenovo X1 Carbon worth the upgrade? Read our full đánh giá to find out!

There are certain things about the X1 Carbon line that stay consistent across all the models — the slim body, sharply tapered front edge, dark color, and classic ThinkPad keyboard, for example. Each mã sản phẩm features subtle changes over the last model, though, và the fourth-generation X1 is no exception. One of the first things you"ll notice is the lighter weight — the X1 is lighter than it looks, and won"t be any sort of burden when in your máy tính xách tay bag or backpack.

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To no one"s surprise, the laptop comes loaded with some of Lenovo"s own software: Lenovo Companion, Lenovo ID, Lenovo Settings. That"s not much though compared lớn some other laptops, & all three applications are arguably useful, depending on your preferences. The X1 Carbon can be had with Windows 10, which brings Cortana with it, of course. Microsoft"s personal assistant worked well on the laptop when tested; no issues were encountered.

The performance will, of course, depend on your configuration. Our benchmark scores weren"t too much lower than the scores we got when reviewing the third-generation X1 — và that mã sản phẩm was running an Intel vi xử lý core i7, whereas this model is running an i5. It"s certainly not the most powerful máy tính Lenovo offers, but it doesn"t try lớn be — for a business ultrabook, the performance is great.

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The battery, meanwhile, is sufficient enough to get you through an 8-hour workday, but you won"t always squeeze out the 11 or so hours that Lenovo says the máy tính xách tay is capable of. How long it runs depends on what you"re doing with the laptop, screen brightness, và such. If you have the brightness up all the way & are heavily using the laptop, you can expect to shave a couple of hours off that 11-hour figure.

The Lenovo X1 Carbon keeps getting better, and the fourth generation is no exception. The máy tính xách tay is lighter and thinner than ever, but it doesn"t alienate its fanbase, sticking lớn the same general thiết kế as past models. Performance has improved, as expected, thanks to the upgraded hardware over the third-generation model.

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Comparing it lớn other premium business laptops on the market, the X1 Carbon has a few notable features that prospective buyers should take into consideration — the keyboard, for example, is fantastic. There are a couple of downsides too, though, namely the lack of a touchscreen display & the less than stellar battery life. If neither of those is giảm giá breakers for you, the latest X1 Carbon is worth every penny.